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Philips ESA FHD G4 lamp 10watt 6Volt 7387 M29 Halogen Light Bulb
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Philips ESA FHD G4 lamp 10watt 6Volt 7387 M29 Halogen Light Bulb

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Philips ESA G4 Halogen non-reflector lamps offer high-quality light and are easy to install, replace and operate.
All halogen non-reflector lamps incorporate a distortion-free quartz bulb and a precise positioning of the mounted filament.
These ESA replacement bulbs ensure optimal beam performance and consistent, high light output.
In addition you get all the proven advantages of halogen technology such as a full spectrum and a color rendering index (CRI) of 100 – the same as natural light and the best that it can be. Philips ESA G4 Halogen bulbs also create a comfortable warm white light, and they maintain their lumen output, with almost no reduction, throughout their lifetime.


General Characteristics
Philips Code 7387
LIF Code M29
Cap-Base G4
Bulb Material Quartz-UV Open
Operating Position any
Main Application Projection
Life to 50% failures 100 hr
Light Technical Characteristics
Color Rendering Index 100 Ra8
Color Temperature Technical 3200 K
Luminous Flux Lamp EM 205 Lm
Electrical Characteristics
Watts 10 W
Voltage 6 V
Luminaire Design Requirements
Pinch Temperature 400 (max) C
Bulb Temperature 900 (max) C
Product Dimensions
Overall Length C 31 (max) mm
Diameter D 9 (max) mm
Light Center Length L 19.75 (max) mm
Filament Dimensions (WxH) [mm] 2.0x1.0
Product Data
Product number 261263
Full product name 7387 10W G4 6V 1CT
Short product name 7387 10W G4 6V 1CT/10X10F
Pieces per Sku 1
eop_pck_cfg 10X10F
Skus/Case 100
Bar code on pack 8711500410276
Bar code on intermediate pack 8711500420732
Bar code on case 8711500423313
Logistics code(s) 923874510103
eop_net_weight_pp 1.000 kg

Item SKU: 261263