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Osram XBO 4000w /HS XL OFR metal halide bulb
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OSRAM SYLVANIA XBO4000/HS XL OFR 4000w metal halide bulb

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In Osram Sylvania XBO lamps, a luminous arc is struck between two electrodes in an atmosphere of pure xenon gas. Because the gap between the electrodes is only a few millimeters even in high wattage versions, XBO lamps come very close to being an ideal point source of light. XBO lamps offer extremely high light output and a color temperature of approximately 6000K, similar to that of daylight. They provide a continuous spectrum in the visible range and have a near perfect color rendering index. The exceptional lamp-to-lamp color consistency they exhibit when new is maintained over the entire life of the lamp. "XBO" lamps rapidly achieve full lumen output and have hot restrike capability.

Application (Market)Cinema Film Projection
Base AnodeSFaX30-9.5
Base CathodeSFa30-7.9
Bulb TypeHigh Intensity Discharge Bulbs (HID)
Color Rendering Index (CRI)98
Color Temperature (K)6000
Current (Amp)135
Current Range (A)80-150
Current TypeDirect Current (DC)
Diameter (in) 2.36
Electrode Gap (cold) 0.27
Family Brand NameXBO®
Light Center Length - LCL (in) 6.73
Luminous Area w x h (in)0.07 x 0.23
Luminous Intensity (CD) 17000
Luminance (cd/m²) 90000
Luminous Flux (LM)155000
Magnetic Arc StabilizationRequired
Maximum Base Temperature (F)446
Maximum Overall Length (in) 16.14
Operating Positions20 p20
Rated Life (Hours)1000
Rated Life - Horizontal1500
Rated Life - Vertical1500
Voltage (V)28V
Voltage (V)28
Wattage (W)4000
Watt (W)over 1000W
Warranty1000 Hours

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